From Veidah to Vada…

Veidah is the decision-making body of LJY-Netzer. Vada are fried doughnuts from South India. As far as I can tell, there are relatively few similarities. But it’s still a nice thought.

I’m now getting very close to departure. My heavy-duty backpack is filled with diorrhea remedies and rehydration salts. Thomas Cook have already made a massive profit out of my rupees. I’m single-handedly keeping the water purification industry afloat. And I’m mentally readying myself to spend eight hours hanging out in the cosmopolitan eco-city that is Chennai Airport – that’s Madras to curry fans! – where I have to completely collect my luggage and check out before checking back in for a connecting flight, which the nice British Airways lady on the ’phone mistakenly informed me would be run by Air Namibia (“I’ll just check that for you, because I’d feel better if you had the correct information,”). It’s all fun, aside from the minor panic when my mum announced that my bag weighed 5kg over the limit before realising that she was actually reading the scales in pounds and stone and it was in fact 10kg under the limit. Hmm…

Interestingly, while purchasing supplies, every mosquito repellent available on Amazon appears to have a five-star review – including the unpleasantly-named Mosquito Milk™. This is perhaps because anybody who would be inclined to give it a worse rating is not in a fit state to do so…

Satellite image of Akshaya Vidyalaya Matriculation SchoolMy first stop outside of the subcontinental aviation industry will be Dindigul, home of the biriyani, whose Wikipedia entry helpfully informs me that the town has seven “famous hospitals,” three of which are apparently on the same road. It also contains an essential piece of local intelligence about the “railway colony – its the place where every family enjoys their life with joy.” Furthermore, the district boasts eighteen “Bed & Teacher Training Colleges.” I very much hope that everyone speaks this rather charming brand of English!

Indiaballs: my regular quotes update

  • “Roadside vendors selling rubber bands to jewellery are found in plenty in India.”
  • “Be careful when dealing with guides. Sometimes even they try and cheat.”
  • “There are many artistic temples that speak about the architectural skill of the people in the days.” —Madurai Tourist Board
  • [Indian man on ’phone starting every sentence with, “Okay, okay,” as if that’s how British people speak!]

The author apologises for the quality of the water.

Sorry, that should have read “…for the quality of the water-related pun.” Iodine on the brain this week…

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