So it seems to be the done thing to start an irregularly-updated Facebook group or blog before heading off on a gap year. I chose the ‘blog’ option for no particular reason. This is, of course, assuming that my visa application is accepted this time: the first attempt failed because the paper wasn’t glossy enough to meet the Indian High Commissioner’s standards…

Plan of attack

At the beginning of January in the Year of our Lord 2011, I shall be jetting off, on behalf of Her Maj, to southern India. I’ll be spending a month teaching followed by two months with the world-famous Madurai Messenger magazine – then I’ll have some time for swanning around and travelling, with or without pith helmet.

But before I haul the spoils back to the shores of dear old  Blighty, I hope to send out some Dispatches and telegrams and leaked diplomatic cables detailing what I’m up to in the meantime. In other words, the edited highlights of my comprehensive dairy!

Please do subscribe to this blog (there should be an email-address-form-thing somewhere on the right), please do comment on things (there should be a leave-a-comment-thing somewhere at the top of each post) and I look forward to doing some stuff worth writing about!

Indiaballs: my regular quotes update

  • “The School has swimming pool, gun range, a herbal farm, a tiny zoo, Badminton court, etc.”
  • Flowers bloom in flower, we have heard but not seen… so goes an ancient poem. Here in Dindigul there is such a ‘flower’ named Akshaya group of institutions which have had the aim to spread fragrance around the arena of education for over twelve years.”
  • “English is the spoken at all times to all levels.”
  • “Informations before travelling to India: … Most non-vegetarian meals are meat, fish or chicken.”


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